Military Manufacturing

military manufacturing

Experienced military equipment manufacturing.

BF&S provides quality, precision machining from the newest generation of CNC equipment. We use state-of-the art technology on every project to ensure we can deliver excellence in manufacturing with high value at a competitive price point for all our clients.

We use cutting edge hardware to provide some of the finest machining services available today. Our experienced staff has years of experience working with any type or size machine that’s needed for your production needs – no matter how complex the project.

Military Manufacturing Company


Experience and Innovation

We understand that you need a prototype for your new product or want to make improvements on an existing one. That’s why we develop prototypes according military guidelines, which means they have stringent requirements in terms of performance measures as well design features.

Fast turnaround

You can’t always predict when you’ll need a product shipment. That’s why we are accustomed to ramping up production without sacrificing quality in order get products out as soon as possible for our customer base – which means if there’s ever an unexpected event then we’re ready right away.

Consistent quality

We believe in the importance of providing only top-quality products. Our team is certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards, which means we have a strong commitment for quality assurance across all processes involved with manufacturing your item–from design through delivery.

Cost awareness

You need high-quality products, but you also have a budget. We offer top of the line military parts at competitive prices so that your company can get its work done without breaking their back or overspending too much!

The overall success of your project relies on having a good partner.

When you need dependability and consistent high standards. BF&S will deliver – time after time. From the inception to delivery, we work with you in the full lifecycle process.

Our partners

We work and partner with some of the top manufacturing companies in the world

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