Medical Manufacturing

Medical Manufacturing

Experienced medical manufacturing solutions.

Medical equipment is a booming industry with some of the most interesting innovations in technology. The medical marketplace has been an ever-changing market, whether it’s due to advancements or because we are aging and requiring new ways to cure our illnesses. It would be hard for any company not involved in this field today; every day there seems like something else needs created that wasn’t needed before.

Medical Manufacturing company

Medical Manufacturing capabilities & expertise

integrated approach

Our integrated approach ensures unmatched, ultrafine precision and an end-to-end quality control system from start to finish. Streamlined medical manufacturing opens your doors for innovation without limitations that enhance lives!

Electroplating and finishing

We do electroplating and finish over metal bases including cold rolled steel aluminum alloy copper alloy brass stainless steal) Our company was created by metallurgical people with outstanding experience in the plating process

Assembled Components for Aircraft

BF&S has long been a trusted partner to the aviation industry, where we will work hand in hand with you. We have experience assembling components for OEM aircraft of all types and can also provide sub-assemblies that are cost effective and time efficient when it comes to your full assembly.

Convenient location

Gone of the days of worrying about dealing with the Chinese government. BF&S offer nearshore, full manufacturing services. We meet all standards and we are ready top discuss your next manufacturing project. Our employees are highly skilled and quality control is exceptional. 

Our partners

We work and partner with some of the top manufacturing companies in the world

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