Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial Manufacturing

Highly experienced Industrial Manufacturing professionals.

BF&S provides quality, precision machining from the newest generation of CNC equipment. We use state-of-the art technology on every project to ensure we can deliver excellence in manufacturing with high value at a competitive price point for all our clients.

We use cutting edge hardware to provide some of the finest machining services available today. Our experienced staff has years of experience working with any type or size machine that’s needed for your production needs – no matter how complex the project.

High quality industrial manufacturing services

Industrial Manufacturing capabilities & expertise

In-house design & engineering

With continual investment in state-of the art facilities, BF&S brings innovative solutions to life and into our customers’ hands. The quality you can count on is always here for all your needs

We provide In-house project management

After you sign on to a project, our in-house team will take it from there. We can manage every step of the process so that your needs are met and deadlines meet expectations each time!

Fiber optic polishing and assemblies

Your business can benefit from our optical cable assemblies which have been designed to ensure specific properties with low losses. We offer an array of types so you’re guaranteed the perfect fit for any application.

We’ll develop and build a custom polishing fixture for any application. No matter what your application need, we will develop and build the perfect polishing fixture.

BF&S CNC machining

The addition of performance enhancing finishes, precision tolerances that are as low 0.001” and certifiable material options make BF&S CNC machining process an excellent technology for end-use parts..

The overall success of your project relies on having a good partner.

We know you expect the best from your suppliers, and that’s what we strive for in every project. We work with our customers to deliver on their goals by providing dependable service from start-to-finish – whether it’s one time or ongoing requirements. When consistent quality matters most, be sure to call BF&S.

BF&S are your industrial manufacturing experts

Our partners

We work and partner with some of the top manufacturing companies in the world

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